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The Apartment

Premiered in June 2019,
Munich, Germany -> Europe Tour

The piece "The Apartment" is an indoor promenade performance that delves into the complexity of contemporary human relationships. The performance unfolds within a private apartment, transcending its role as a mere stage to become an active participant in the narrative and experience of the production. Through unique interactive elements, the audience is invited to explore the space, forge connections, and influence the infrastructure of the performance.


"The Apartment" explores intricate facets of the lives of three adult women residing in a communal living arrangement. The narrative portrays a couple who is challenged by miscommunication, as well as a career woman grappling with depression. These characters embody present-day modern women, each with unique values. However, a commonality among them is the inability to communicate about their issues.

Choreographer: ​Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup
Composer: Quentin Tolimieri

Assistance: Marco Merenda, Clara Wärme, Anna Øhrberg Nielsen

Performers: Lotta Sandborgh, Elan Elidyr & Sophie Amalie Munch

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