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Oblivious Days

06th of October 2023
with Company Ballet Arabesque
The State Music & Ballet Center in Sofia, Bulgaria

"Oblivious Days" is a dance piece that takes the audience on a captivating and goosebump-inducing journey through a disharmonic universe. Fusing movement, narrative storytelling, and evocative visuals, this performance aims to elicit a range of emotions, from introspection to laughter, while exploring themes of environmental degradation, power dynamics, and the human spirit's resilience.

In collaboration with the inhouse artists at Ballet Arabesque  this piece challenges societal norms and prompts introspection. It encourages viewers to question their own roles in perpetuating disharmony and explores the ways in which individuals can reclaim their humanity in the face of despair.

Concept and choreography: Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup

Dancers: Company Ballet Arabesque

Music: Milen Apostolov

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