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Premiered at H. C. Andersen Festivals
Momentum Theatre, Odense
27th & 28th of August 2021

Three confused beings (50% chicken and 50% human) are trapped in oppressive circumstances and ethically wrong physical and mental spaces. They try to escape their destiny being slaughtered and sold as food, but experience along the journey to freedom that they live in an unconscious mental blockade and not in the real world. It's all in their head.

Koncept og koreograf: Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup
Dramaturgi: Ditte Greve Bichel

Kostumedesigner: Alberte Bojesen

Prøve- og scene leder: Sophie Amalie Munch


Melissa Ferrari (Italien), Ombline Huvelle (Belgien) og Patryk Klos (Polen)

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