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Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup

Born 28.10.1994, Denmark

Dancer, creator and choreographer




Mikkel Alexander (he/him) is a Copenhagen-based choreographer and dancer from Denmark. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned choreographers including Nadine Gerspacher, Johannes Härtl, Matteo Carvone, Edan Gorlicki, and most recently, he worked as a company dancer with Holstebro Dance Company in Denmark.

Mikkel Alexander's choreographic works have been featured in numerous international festivals and competitions. He not only creates his own captivating performances but also takes them on tour, both within Denmark and abroad. He draws inspiration from the power of the present moment and the practice of being fully present in one's body and surroundings. This mindfulness allows him to infuse his choreography with depth and meaning. Furthermore, Mikkel's diverse background in acting and music influences his creative process.


He skillfully incorporates elements from these disciplines, resulting in choreography that is rich in emotion and storytelling.

One of Mikkel's distinctive qualities is his ability to seamlessly blend intuitive and abstract movements. He embraces spontaneity and trusts his instincts while maintaining a sense of purpose and structure in his work. This combination of fluidity and intentionality creates a captivating dance experience for both himself and the audience.

Af Ditte Chemnitz Laustsen
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