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Barbarian Sun

13th of August 2023
The Royal Theatre, Skuespilhuset

The contemporary dance piece, "Barbarian Sun” encourages the act of embracing diversity and acknowledging the illuminating light within every individual, similar to the sun's warmth. Inspired by the fear of the unknown, the performance revolves around five individuals navigating in a frantic and hectic civilization, striving to forge a loyal "tribal" community.

The historical term "barbarian," once indicating cultural and linguistic differences, now metaphorically addresses those perceived as outside societal norms. Through deconstructed movements and nordic tribe music, "Barbarian Sun" encourages self-reflection on the themes of forming connections and communities, and celebrates our unique individual potential, promoting a brighter, more compassionate world, where we can all shed the fear and be "barbarians" in the most genuine manner.

Concept and choreography: Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup

Dancers/performers: Antonio Manuel Calvanese, Stephanie Sahlgren, Elvira Lundgren Thomsen, Jennifer Wagstaffe & Vasco Ventura

Collaborators: Dansk Danseteater, Tivoli Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Holstebro Dance Company

Mentor: Esther Lee Wilkinson

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